NY Times photographers revolt!

New York Times freelance photojournalists are fighting against a new rights-grabbing work-for-hire contract, and encouraging other photographers not to sign up. The contract, issued in mid-May, relates to the production of drone footage and specifies that New York Times ‘will … Continue reading

Slovenian designer stamped a copyright thief

The internet has opened the floodgates for cross-continental copyright infringement that appears in many different forms. But it seems that in some cases, with or without a judge involved, justice can be served. Australian cave photographer, Steve Bourne, was contacted about … Continue reading

Photojournalist hits out at Aussie senator

A Toronto-based photojournalist has said she was ‘shocked and appalled’ to find a photo she captured of an Afghani woman being shared without permission and out of context online, by Australian senator Jacqui Lambie, among others. The picture taken by … Continue reading

Getty’s Morel appeal shot down

Back in January, it was revealed that Agence France Press (AFP) and Getty Images would appeal the verdict that awarded photographer Daniel Morel US$1.2 million in damages for the unauthorised distribution of his 2010 Haiti earthquake images. Earlier this month, US District … Continue reading

Legally Speaking: Public photography (Pt 2)

In part two of this two part series on public photography and the law, intellectual property lawyer, Sharon Givoni, delves deeper into the legal framework of public photography – explaining why the rules are in place and how straightforward street photography … Continue reading