File sharers punish ‘copyright troll’ photographer

A Seattle-based fine art photographer that sued at least three major online companies has enraged the file-sharing community, who have uploaded 20,000 of his images to a torrent website as a form of punishment. The photographer is Christopher Boffoli, who … Continue reading

Slovenian designer stamped a copyright thief

The internet has opened the floodgates for cross-continental copyright infringement that appears in many different forms. ButĀ it seems that in some cases, with or without a judge involved, justice can be served. Australian cave photographer, Steve Bourne, was contacted about … Continue reading

Groundbreaking copyright precedent

Despite concerns of a move to dilute copyright protection in Australia, a recent legal precedent should hearten professional photographers and make potential IP thieves understand they aren’t beyond the reach of the law. The Federal Circuit Court of Australia (formerly … Continue reading