SHORTS & BRIEFS: August 11

Nikon knees-ups…Too much monkey business…L&P creditors’ meeting…

Nikon knees-ups
A range of Nikon events in Europe and Asia in the next month adds weight to rumours of a pending launch (as opposed to an ‘announcement of the development’) of the D850 full frame DSLR.

…Or maybe its just a series of knees ups to celebrate Nikon’s 100th centenary.
Whatever the case, the full range of specs for the D850 are all over the internet, along with pics and speculation that it will be considerably more expensive than the D810 – closer to the flagship D5. Perhaps around $6K

Here is what’s being attributed to the D850 in the specs department:
– 45-46MP full frame CMOS sensor;
– Improved low and high ISO;
– New and improved version of SnapBridge;
– No built-in GPS;
– Tiltable LCD touchscreen with twice resolution of D810;
– Memory card slots: one SD (UHS-II) and one XQD;
– AF system from the D5;
– No built-in flash;
– Back illuminated buttons;
– Joystick selector;
– Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
– 8K time-lapse video capabilities, (from promo video)
– 4K UHD video in FX format (with no crop), slo-mo full HD 120fps video
– Optical (not hybrid) viewfinder
– Fast(ish) continuous shooting fps (8fps or more)
– Improved LiveView split-screen display
– Improved silent shooting mode
– Improved battery life
– Lighter than the D810

Too much monkey business 
Having squeezed as much publicity as possible from its monkey selfie copyright stunt, and pretty well bankrupted photographer David Slater, those happy little animal rights warriors at PETA have decided to move on to the next good fight.

The two parties, along with Blurb, a co-defendant with Slater, have asked the US Court of Appeals to stay PETA’s absurd appeal in ‘Naruto v. David Slater’. PETA had a fairly hostile reception from the appeals court judges, who may well have felt themselves being used as bit players in a legal farce.

‘The parties have agreed on a general framework for a settlement subject to the negotiation and resolution of specific terms,’ lawyers for PETA, Slater, and Blurb said in a joint motion filed with the court. ‘The parties are optimistic that they will be able to reach an agreement that will resolve all claims in this matter.’

L&P creditors meeting
The voluntary liquidation process at L&P progresses next week with the first creditors meeting on August 19 at the offices of Restructuring Solutions.

Creditors will consider appointing a committee of inspection, be briefed on the businesses affairs by the liquidator, and consider a statement from one of L&P’s directors.

‘Turnover fell and overheads such as rent and wages were too high to allow a profit to be generated,’ the appointed liquidator, Chris MacDonnell explained to ProCounter, while declining to make any further comments.

L&P managing director Bruce Pottinger has also indicated he is not yet prepared to comment, although he noted in a message on the AIPP Facebook page that, ‘Over the last year with changes in the market we were not able to compete. My decision to enter voluntary liquidation was a difficult but a necessary decision.’

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