Getty hunts Australian content with Canon

Getty and Canon have teamed up to challenge ‘curious‘ Canon camera owners to get into the stock photography business via Getty’s ‘This Is Australia’ Collection.

Canon’s support of the project requires all stock photos to be captured on its cameras.

‘If you are an Aussie photographer shooting on Canon – and if you’d like to earn extra income from your photography skills and passion – read on for details on how to take part,’ Getty says. ‘This is an opportunity to be a part of an important project that captures the Australia of today, and we are excited for you to join us. ‘

It turns out this unusual arrangement has been promoted discreetly for some time without any media announcements or supporting PR.

‘The collection will feature your work and present it to over one million Getty Images customers globally, providing the platform to earn from your art while you in turn support the need to showcase our real and diverse country as we know and love it. ‘

It’s worth mentioning that the ‘platform to earn from your art’ provides a 20 percent royalty rate, with 80 percent of licensing revenue going to Getty:
Canon provides its audience a step-by-step guide on how to become a Getty contributor. It has also launched free workshops exclusive to Getty Canon contributors, to educate them on capturing a crackin’ stock photo.

Getty has provided four worthy ‘This is Australia’ shoot briefs, which it says its creative research team carefully devised based on customer sales data and keyword searches: Multicultural Australia, Repicturing Gender, Concept Realism, and Age is Just A Number.

Forget stock photos of dusty outback towns, silhouetted kangaroos against an auburn sunset, landmarks, or more of the usual stereotypes.

Getty wants images of ‘ethnically diverse’ people participating in daily activities, women of all body shapes being strong and active and men being caretakers, quirky conceptual imagery, and elderly people not acting their age.

Getty isn’t the first to notice a lack of authentic Aussie stock content.

Austockphoto, a photo agency exclusively sourcing authentic local content, launched earlier this year after its founders, two graphic designers, noticed a distinct lack of fair dinkum Aussie content.

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