Nik Collection returns (with a price tag)

DxO has revived the Nik Collection, a popular suite of photo editing plug-ins that was acquired by Google and abandoned in 2017.
The seven plugins, which work with Adobe post-processing software, are available for US$49.99, which will increase to US$69 from July.

It’s a price increase, since Google unleashed the collection for free, but some photographers have found them extremely useful and they used to be priced at up to US$500.

The Nik Collection is now compatible with Adobe’s Creative Cloud service, and support the latest Windows and Mac operating systems. There’s been operational improvements and bug fixes, but no new features.

‘We are proud to relaunch the Nik Collection, which users have been waiting for,’ said Jean-Marc Alexia, DxO’s vice president of product marketing. ‘We have put all of our know-how into offering photographers and creative artists the best possible user experience.’

The seven plug-ins features are:
– Analog Efex Pro, applies analog film, camera and lens simulations to digital photos;
– Color Efex Pro, a set of filters for colour correction, touch-up, and creative effects;
– Dfine, reduces the noise of digital images;
– HDR Efex Pro, processes images in HDR;
– Sharpener Pro increases the accuracy and enhances the detail of digital images;
– Silver Efex Pro is a black and white image conversion solution inspired by darkroom techniques;
– Viveza locally adjusts the color and tone of specific areas of the image

The French company, known best for its image sensor reviews and bench marking through DxOmark, looks to be increasing its presence in the imaging software market.

It acquired the Nik Collection from Google in late 2017, after the company made the software free and then announced it would no longer update it.

The company also updated DxO Photolab, its flagship RAW processor software. Photolab 1.2 has included the Nik Collection U Point technology, which allows photographers to apply local settings in a non-destructive RAW stream to specific areas in an image.

2 thoughts on “Nik Collection returns (with a price tag)

  1. Incredibly welcome and worth every cent. Now I can update my version of Photoshop and upgrade to High Sierra. If $50 a year to get updates is all it costs, just one extra art print sold will cover it ten times over. At $500 the suite it was good value, at $50 I just hope it’s enough to keep their development team in business..

  2. I guess the $69 US will equate to $100 AU, still good value for the easiest way to turn unprocessed images into high quality photos. They couldn’t go too high, given that it has been free for recent users. Hope it doesn’t keep creeping up in price a la Adobe Creative Suite.

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