News Corp axes more jobs

News Corp will axe up to five photography jobs from the company’s Adelaide office, as part of further structural changes which includes the removal of around 20 additional subbing and production jobs .

Mumbrella reports that the latest round of job cuts will be part of a voluntary redundancy scheme.

‘These changes are part of our ongoing commitment to creating the most efficient newsroom operations we can with a clear focus on our digital future,’ a spokesperson said.

Like News Corp’s last round of photography job cuts in May 2017, photographers may be redeployed on a freelance basis.

The May 2017 job cuts affected up to 70 staff photographers in Melbourne and Adelaide, with the photography department at South Australia’s capital reportedly reduced from 24 to just eight.

If the five staff photography jobs are axed as reported by The Australian’s Media Diary, there could be just three photographers remaining in Adelaide.

News Corp, like Fairfax, will source more photography from news wire and stock agencies, freelancers, and folk with smart phones who stumble across a newsworthy event.

News Corp flagged job cuts back in November 2016, in an effort to save up to $40 million. While photography departments have been hit hard, positions in most sectors are being slashed.

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