Vintage Leica service centre re-opens

European Camera Service has re-opened in Melbourne to repair vintage Leica cameras and gear, after almost 20 years of the workshop being packed away.

Jorg Heumuller, a factory trained Leica technician, is running the show after attempting to sell the entire workshop in 2016.

Turns out that there isn’t a great deal of demand for an entire de-commissioned analog Leica service and repair business. But there is a shortage of old fashioned repairers, and Jorg’s unique talent was going to waste.

‘There was minimal interest for the money I wanted, which I sort of knew. I didn’t want to sell it for a pittance – it was too close to my heart. I realised I have these skills and there’s been endless requests from Leica owners in Australia to start up again,’ he told ProCounter.

With the business back up and running since its closure in 2004, Jorg can handle most old school analog Leica gear that’s in need of a service or repair.

But don’t bother enquiring about digital gear. Jorg wouldn’t touch it. His area of expertise is purely film cameras.

Jorg was born in the same town as Leica – Wetzlar, Germany. He was factory trained as a Leica repair technician in his teens, and spent the best part of 35 years as a repair technician.

He has an expertise in numerous vintage Leica product lines, including M cameras, SLRs up to the R6, lenses and binoculars, slide projectors, and much more.

Once upon a time – the ’90s to be specific – Jorg was the Australian Leica authorised repair technician.

But he wasn’t interested in digital technology, so he gave up the gig and is now simply a Leica factory trained technician.

‘My specialty is the analog and the old – vintage. Many professionals do want a little peace and quiet, and an old Leica is perfect for this,’ he said.

Most photographers have moved on from film. But many have fond memories of using old Leica gear and may occasionally run the odd roll of film through it. Others may have handed the gear down to their hipster children, or stored it away safely in the attic.

Either way, if the gear isn’t performing like it should, Jorg can assess whether he’s able to repair it.

‘I have a repair desk at my factory. It includes the Leica repair manuals from the 2C to M4, M5, M6. Maybe a hundred different complete manual books from the factory. Plus an extensive array of spare parts, and then specialised tools from the mid-60s to ’90s. It’s the whole repair shop.’

While Jorg only just re-launched European Camera Service, his skills haven’t rusted.

‘My last repair was yesterday. I never really stopped, I just didn’t make it known I was still doing it. Around four months ago I received requests for a few repairs. I got the bench back out, and since then I’ve done numerous repairs.’

Check out for more information, or to get in contact with Jorg.

8 thoughts on “Vintage Leica service centre re-opens

  1. Hi, do you guys service Leica M3? Need to get my focusing patch fix, CLA body and Lens.

    Im based in New Zealand.

    Hope to hear back soon.

  2. Hi Jorg,
    long time since we had a coffee at the Jolly Rodger across St,Kilda road from your old shop.I am now probably one of the main photographers for a country news paper and although semi retired I still work one day a week shooting sport and occasionally more if requested.
    I now of course use the latest digital equipment in the Olympus 4/3 system and one lens I use the Panasonic Leica 100-400 which is great.
    I also have started collecting Zorki and Fed cameras because they are so much like the early Leica’s and have about 8 plus a few lenses and variable view finder plus a few bits and pieces.
    Well Jorg if you ever venture to Latrobe Valley for a picture shoot you would be very welcome to stay at my home should you wish to.
    Are you still shooting those magnificent photographs as you used to do?
    Cheers Mate
    Paul Cohen

  3. Can you give me a quote on servicing a Leica M2 (1114943) with Summicron 50mm f2 Lens? The shutter blind sometimes comes off the hook and the focusing of the lens needs to work on.
    Please reply by email. Thank you.

  4. Hi Jorg, I am looking onto getting the Valcum replaced on my M3. Can you please let me know the cost and how to go about getting my M3 to you and how long will it take . Thanks,


  5. Hi Jorg,
    I have just been given you as a contact from Canberra Photographic Collector Society.
    In April I was given a Leica 1 c which was brought to Australia in 1956 by the parents of my friend Linda. Although it is in mint condition I believe that through lack of use the shutter should have a service as the slower speeds appear to be sticking. ( probably due to congealing of lubricant ).Could you give me an idea of the cost to give the camera a service and if your price is reasonable how would be the best way to send it to your workshop?

  6. Hi Jorg,
    I have just heard about you starting up again and hope to contact you as I have a Leica 1c which requires a shutter service. As I live near Canberra Leica technicians are few and far between!
    Regards Ian Kenny

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