New wireless monolight range

ProMaster – a camera accessory line distributed in Australia through Camera House, has announced ProMaster Unplugged, a series of wireless professional flash monolights.

The ProMaster Unplugged range is made up of five monolights that are battery-powered and are triggered via 2.4GHz radio, along with a selection of accessories.

Each Unplugged monolight has a durable metal casing. The Bowens S-style mount gives photographers access to a wide variety of light shapers. Each strobe has a fully integrated tilting light stand mount with umbrella connector. The included reflector features a snap-on diffuser that produces soft light. Every light has an LED modeling lamp and a German-designed flash tube that delivers 5500K color temperature with a CRI of 96.8.

The included lithium batteries provide 240-360 full-power flashes on a single charge (varies from model to model). Additional batteries are sold separately. ProMaster Unplugged monolights can easily be converted to AC wall power with the optional AC adapter.

The manual m-Series offers single and two-light kits in 300 watt/second, 400 watt/second, and 600 watt/second powers (US$299.95 to $999.95). The two-light kits include two light stands and a rolling storage case. Each monolight has a 16-channel, 2.4GHz mReceiver built-in and includes an mTransmitter. m-Series strobes offer a maximum sync speed of 1/250 second and a six f-stop power adjustment range.

The ProMaster Unplugged TTL-Series offers single and two-light kits in 400 watt/second and 600 watt/second powers (US$699.95 to $1679.95). The two-light kits include two light stands and a rolling storage case. Unplugged TTL is fully compatible with Nikon iTTL and Canon eTTL by adding the proper 15-channel, 2.4GHz transmitter (sold separately, US$79.95).

Features include exposure compensation, high speed sync (up to 1/8000 sec), rear curtain sync, manual mode, a variable output LED modeling light, fast recycling times, and short flash duration.

Camera House has told ProCounter it is waiting on waiting on samples of the wireless lighting gear from the US, along with CE approval, and will ‘advise more once we have further information’ – so local release seems more likely than not!



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