Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL powerful and portable

Swiss light manufacturer, Elinchrom, has unveiled the ELB 500 TTL, which it claims is the most powerful portable TTL light. Ever.

The unit and battery weighs 2.4KG, and packs 500Ws of power.

The 72W/h lithium-ion battery is capable of delivering 400 full power flashes, with a recycle time of two seconds at maximum power. The battery can be charged while is use, or in and out out the pack.

‘We created the ELB 500TTL for portrait photographers looking to take their work to more adventurous places with what we believe to be the perfect combination of power, features and value,’ said Simon Whittle, Elinchrom CEO.

The ELB 500 TTL comes with a bunch of feature sets including TTL, High Speed Sync, Active Charging, and Full Asymmetry.

High Speed Sync allows photographers to shoot at speeds of up to 1/8000 sec.

The system can be controlled by the Elinchrom Skyport Plus and HS radio receivers, as well as the Phottix Odin II transmitter.

No local pricing available. International pricing is as follows:

ELB 500 TTL (single kit) – US$1899/€1699/£1499
ELB 500 TTL (dual kit) – US$2124/ €1949/£1749

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