Getty’s top photos of 2017 are…

Getty Images has unveiled its Year In Focus 2017 Collection, a curation of the defining images from the year taken from the stock agency’s archive.
Getty Images picked a handful of photos taken from over 160,000 photos. In total, Getty Images covered 70,000 entertainment, 50,000 sport, and 40,000 news events.

‘The images are designed to connect people to the world through the power of pictures – from the political chaos surrounding the election of Donald Trump, to the genocide of the Rohingya and the referendums across Kurdistan, Catalonia and Turkey.’

The Year In Focus 2017 Collection is heavy with major US news events, such as the clash between white supremacist and left wing groups at Charlottesville; and the mass shooting in Las Vegas. However, an Australian news event makes the cut, with the legalising of same-sex marriage.

There’s also a curation of the top 10 downloaded images. Not surprisingly, four of these images are of the most controversial and talked about gentleman of the year, US President Donald Trump. Three are from the Mandalay Bay Shooting in Las Vegas; one is of Meryl Streep making a speech at the Golden Globes the Golden; and the final two are of celebrities Hugh Hefner and Beyonce.
If it wasn’t already clear throughout the year, based on the top 10 images it’s obvious the hottest news topic for 2017 has been the new US president.

Additionally, the most downloaded images were all captured in America, suggesting that most of Getty’s clients are interested in US affairs. Besides the Mandalay Bay Shooting photos, the other images are fairly trivial news images that apparently ‘encapsulate the global news agenda and major events of the year’.

The Australian/New Zealand News Moments include only three actual ‘news events’ – same-sex marriage celebrations; Rebel Wilson winning a defamation lawsuit; and Cardinal George Pell attending court.

The rest are captured at sporting events; fashion shows; entertainment and arts events; and Prince Harry visiting Sydney. While each have an element of newsworthiness, they aren’t cutting edge reportage photos – although they are cracking frames.

It looks like the images were chosen based on the quality of the image over the newsworthiness of the event. A fashion photo from the David Jones Autumn Winter 2017 Collections makes the cut – not exactly a front page story that one!

Some photos make an interesting statement regarding Getty’s editorial interest, and what is considered newsworthy.

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