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With two major trade exhibitions – CES in Las Vegas  and CP+ in Yokohama – providing platforms to announce new cameras in the first quarter of 2018, the always busy camera rumour mill is grinding away.

Canon has patented an illuminated buttons feature which may be incorporated in the rumoured Canon 7D MkIII. (Source: New Camera)

Among the more interesting and, in order of reference more likely to be confirmed new releases are:

– Panasonic is rumored to follow it’s ‘stills-centric’ Lumix G9, announced this month, with a  follow up to the video specialist GH5, possibly to be called the GH5S or s – but maybe not.
Instead of upping the pixel count, the new camera could have a lower resolution sensor, but with larger individual pixels and good performance at high ISOs. One pundit speculates that it may even use a new-generation 10-megapxel Sony sensor which would deliver better low light performance, higher frame rates, and greater dynamic range. This particular chip is one of the first to incorporate HDR support, providing the possibility of ‘native’ 4K HDR output.
The new camera is said to retain the look of the popular GH5. It may be announced sooner rather than later, with availability in February.

– The Canon 7D Mark III camera is said to be arriving some time in March next year, to feature at the NAB show in April. Canon tends to let info dribble out about new releases to extend the publicity window, so the long lead-up before the announcement rings true. And the Mark II has been around since 2014, so it is about time for an update.

The NAB debut also makes sense for what seems to be another video-centric camera. Rumnoured specs so far are a 4K video mode and C log (Canon’s cinema-quality video gamma curve) support.

It might have a 28-megapixel ‘new technology’ sensor. And illuminated buttons.

Canon may also have a new entry level DSLR – the 2000D, and a new mirrorless camera, the M50, ready to go early next year.

The logic underlying rumours of a Nikon D5s doesn’t inspire confidence: ‘Historically, Nikon has been introducing their new top pro model every two years during the CES show in early January,’ notes the Nikon Rumors blog, so therefore, apparently, we should expect the D5s at CES in January.

Well maybe. Nikon does a better job than most  – most of the time – in keeping its new camera releases confidential, which might explain the lack of any other details. On the other hand, the big shake-up at Nikon over the past 12 months could have disrupted the ‘natural’ schedule for new camera announcements.
– Keith Shipton



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