Radbitz scores Spiffy distribution deal

Radbitz has been appointed the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor of Spiffy Gear, a US lighting manufacturer that produces strobe and constant source lights.

The distribution deal will begin with the December availability of Spekular, the ‘Swiss army knife of LED Lighting’ for photographers and videographers.

The Spekular Core Kit consists of four 30cm modular LED light bars, which can be used independently or combined to create different shapes.

The lights can be shaped into a ring, a strip, a panel, a star, a square, and other configurations.

Each bar produces 14.5 watts of light (roughly 150W halogen light), which displays no flicker and can be dimmed. The panels have a nicer colour cast than typical LED lights, with a 94+ Colour Rendering Index measurement.

The brightness of the lights can be dimmed without flicker.

The lights bars have an aluminium construction, which are joined with ABS plastic connectors. The kit weighs 1.3kg.

Local prices:
– The Spekular Core Kit priced at $999 RRP;
– A Battery Adapter, enabling V-mount DTAP batteries, is available for $199 RRP;
– An Expansion Kit, which provides additional mounting options including a 3-point setup, is available for $199 RRP;
– A Star Adapter also has an $199 RRP.

Radbitz also distributes Fotodiox Pro, Goscope, Irix, Laowa, Magmod, Miggo, Spider Holster, and Techart Pro.

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