Sony steps into image editing arena

Sony has moved into the editing software market by releasing three free Imaging Edge apps, for supported Alpha and Cyber-shot cameras.
Imaging Edge – consisting of Viewer, Editor and Remote – was announced alongside the a7R III, to assist with the new Pixel Shift function. However the apps offer a spread of post-processing tools for Sony shooters.

Firstly the a7R III Pixel Shift mode: This new function quadruples the resolution of an image by capturing four photos, shifting the sensor one pixel between each shot.

By capturing full RGB data for every pixel, the image has four times the detail of a single 42-megapixel image file, Sony says. Sharpness and colour accuracy is increased, while aliasing and moire is removed.

The a7R III captures four uncompressed RAW files, which require manual stacking through Viewer Imaging Edge software. Combining the files cannot be done in-camera.

Viewer also allows users to, um, view image files in a list, browse the data, and filter them through ratings.

Editor is used for adjusting brightness and colour, cropping, straightening, adding filters, and converting images to various formats including JPEG and TIFF.

Remote allows a photographer to have Live View displayed on a computer, when the camera is connected via USB. A photographer can adjust settings and hit the shutter button remotely through the computer.

Remote also has Pixel Shift Multi Shooting mode.

When all three apps are used, Sony says a photographer can streamline their workflow. A computer attached to the camera can adjust settings and take shots with Remote; instantly view and filter the images with Viewer; and make edits or adjustments and convert the image files with Editor.

The software supports a range of Sony cameras, with limitations prescribed to certain models.

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