First-home buyers grab photo op

America’s young home buyers are reportedly rushing out to hire a professional photographer to ‘craft elaborate photo shoots in or outside a first home’. Could it catch on here?

Pinterest shows a few different shoot styles and ideas. Source: Pinterest

The Wall Street Journal‘s Emily Glazer has looked into this quirky new niche of portraiture that’s driven by a desire for social media Likes and Shares.

Apparently Gen Y represents the largest segment of the US first-home buyer market, and they want cutesy photos with props like a ‘Sold’ sign, love heart symbols shaped by their hands, dangling keys, dancing in bedrooms, and piggyback riding through the front door.

It makes some sense, Glazer observes. Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a property, likely the most money the buyer has ever spent, is a major life event – along with birth, marriage, family events and so on.

Them Millennials love broadcasting everything – if no photo documents it, did it really even happen?

Since houses cost way more than most weddings, hiring a professional photographer to shoot the event has a kind of logic to it.

US real estate agents interviewed for the WSJ article say it’s a growing trend for first home buyers to ask for photos. Some reckon they’re getting pretty good at snapping a few shots, too.

‘Although they are intentionally sharing news of their purchase, some buyers are surprised by the attention they get,’ Glazer writes. ‘Home buyer Nicole Salas, 28, her husband Jay, 27, and their younger son posed for pictures with a custom toolbox at the title-insurance company where their closing took place.

‘After their real-estate agent posted the photo in July, 550 people liked it. “I noticed a lot of people had commented, so I was like ‘Do these people know us?’” Ms Salas said.
Blair Pomeroy and her husband, Matt, had a photo shoot in 2015 showcasing their new home in Florence, Ky.’

Images of first-home buyer shoots are sprinkled liberally through the social media photo sharing platform, Pinterest.

Should housing become more affordable in Australia, and Millennials stop gorging on smashed avo, maybe the growing US trend will emerge here.

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