ON1 unveils Photo RAW 2018

ON1 has unveiled that the latest version of its non-destructive image processing software, Photo RAW 2018, is now available.The software aims to challenge Lightroom as a tool for image organisation and editing.

Photo RAW 2018 has a new and faster non-destructive raw processing engine for ‘accelerated photo management and precise photo development’.

The user interface has also been cleaned up and improved, a welcome addition. (While ProCounter hasn’t tested the new software, our experience of Photo Raw 2017 is that it is clunky and complicated. Making basic edits proved difficult – simply cropping and resizing an image, for instance, was unecessarily complicated!)

It comes with customisable photo effects, HDR merging, pano stitching, masking, blending adjustments, layer, and more.

The development of the latest version was primarily driven by customer suggestions, through the Photo RAW Project, by pitches that were voted up or down. Apparently almost every new feature was a result of community input.

‘This type of transparency is what customers can continue to expect from the ON1 team,’ the press release says. ‘This process has solidified ON1 Photo RAW as the app designed by photographers for photographers and a great alternative to Adobe Lightroom.’

ON1 says Photo RAW differentiates itself by ‘allowing photographers to both browse and catalog their photos from the very beginning of their workflow’.

‘There is plenty more available within the app’s non-destructive photo development. These features include re-editable adjustments such as exposure, contrast, color, shadows, highlights, lens correction, and transform tools. The hundreds of unique photo effects are also perfect for finishing off your photos to add that extra punch.’

ON1 is currently working on a Digital Asset Manager, a strongly demanded feature in the Photo RAW Project.

Photo RAW 2018 is available as a 30-day free trial, and is available for US$119, or as an upgrade for $99.

ON1 has published two guides explaining how to migrate from Lightroom, either by moving the organisational system or managing folders and sub-folders. It’s also having a shot at Adobe along the way: ‘A single solution from one company where the photography community drives product development and not the shareholders. A product where you get to choose your preferred cloud service and aren’t forced into a subscription model. A solution that lets you be in control of where your photos are stored and how to work with them.’

Click here for the press release.

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