Task force investigates NSW photographer

Semi-pro Newcastle-based glamour photographer, Allan Todd Cameron, has been denied bail after being charged for using his home studio business to allegedly sexually assault three models.

The photographer operated under the business name, Primeval Edge.

Lake Macquarie Police say that after news broke of the photographer’s arrest, more women have come forward with stories of assault.

The police have set up Strike Force Geelan to further investigate Cameron, and urge anyone with information about the photographer to come forward.

A statement of police facts allege the photographer inappropriately touched models, took unsolicited photos of them while they were undressed, and procured prostitution.

Cameron’s business, Primeval Edge, states he’s a part-time photographer, balancing family and business, who is interested in capturing ‘casual fashion, bikini, pin up, lingerie, and glamour’. His website has a ‘Not Safe For Work’ portfolio, along with beach and studio shots.

‘I’m currently looking for challenging concepts that push my creative boundaries, Preference is given to projects that include a make up artist and hair stylist as part of the proposal,’ his About section says. ‘I am not looking to work with Diva’s (sic). If your (sic) not about hard work while having fun and more about being as difficult as possible to get along with, look somewhere else.’

On professional photography directory website, photographers.com.au, Cameron claims that ‘every single model I’ve ever worked with has my utmost respect and thanks, without you all I couldn’t have produced the work I’ve created to date’.

Accessibility of advanced camera gear, along with the ease of creating an online business presence, has opened the gates for unscrupulous photographers to pose as legitimate and experienced business owners. Wedding days have been ruined due to a photographer’s lack of skills or inexperience. And in a few rare instances, possibly including this one, an individual has used photography to undertake alleged criminal activity.

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