RMIT launches Master of Photography degree

RMIT will run a two-year postgraduate Master of Photography course – which it claims is the ‘first of its kind in Australia’ – from the Melbourne campus beginning in 2018.

The RMIT Photo Imaging studio. Source: RMIT photo studio renovation timelapse.

‘The Master of Photography is designed to meet the needs of professional photographers, artists and creative industry professionals to advance their conceptual and creative skills and enliven their photographic practice,’ the course overview says.

‘The role of the photographer within the arts and creative industries is evolving, particularly in relation to imaging technologies and emerging media devices, their impact on society and use in photography.’

There are other post-graduate photography Masters degrees, but these use the label  ‘Master of Arts in Visual Arts’, such as the case with Griffith University in Queensland. It looks like RMIT’s ‘first ever’ claim comes from the branding of the course.

Half the course is dedicated to studio time, while the other half is independent research and critical framework.

The ‘capstone experience’ of the course is a ‘self-initiated, major photographic project that is publicly presented for critical review’.

Throughout the course, RMIT says students will be able to leverage industry connections it has formed with the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV), Centre for Contemporary Photography, the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) and other institutions.

The course will be lead by associate professor and photographer Shane Hulbert, and taught by photography lecturer Bronek Kozka.

‘The point of departure for the Master of Photography program is an interrogation of how you use photography, and ways to advance your conceptual and creative skills,’ said Hulbert. ‘Central to the program is photography as both a way of thinking and a discipline through which to make images, and we offer a rigorous and dynamic environment for you to explore in.  Every student receives a supervisor to help them develop projects and realise your ambitions.’

Only those who have completed an Australian Bachelor degree in a related creative discipline, or have at least five years professional experience, can apply.

To apply photographers must submit a pre-selection kit by November 10, which consists of a brief CV, a portfolio, and a statement of professional experience.

RMIT is holding a Master of Photography launch event on Tuesday, October 17, for those interested in the course.

The annual course costs are $28,800. Eligible students may apply for the Government’s FEE-HELP loan scheme.


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