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Justine Varga… Isamu Sawa… An Unorthodox Flow of Images… Anne Zahalka Masterclass… William and Winfred Bowness Photography Prize exhibition… Heath Ledger A Life in Pictures


The Justine Varga installation at ACP Project Space Gallery. Photo: Michael Waite / ACP.

Justine Varga
ACP Project Art Space
The inaugural solo exhibition of Justine Varga (controversial winner of the Olive Cotton Portrait Prize this year) with the Australian Centre for Photography is a large-scale installation that immerses the visitor in photography’s own peculiar means of production. The process of making photographs is laid bare through a dense layering of test strips. The installation is an extension of Varga’s studio and lab work.
72 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst
Until October 21

Plate 01, Rose 01, Rosa Hybrida. Photo: Isamu Sawa.

Without Water – Isamu Sawa
Black Eye Gallery
‘Without water plants wither and die,’ said Melbourne-based photographer Isamu Sawa. ‘But even in death their beauty lingers in a moment of fleeting, serene imperfection; a delicate death, preserved forever for those who remain’.

Adopting a sophisticated macro photographic technique commonly used in science photography and documentation, Without Water is a series of highly detailed botanical images reminiscent of the plates and sketches of Georgian botanists. Sawa renders his subjects rich in texture and form, revealing an almost otherworldly beauty.
3/138 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst
Until October 15


The CCP field guide intro reads: We could have started anywhere. Perhaps every image ever made connects with another image in some way. But, we have begun with what is known as the first press photograph in Australia—a grisly depiction of Kelly Gang member Joe Byrne, strung up some days after his execution, for a group of onlookers, including a group of documentarians who came in by train to record the event: a painter and several photographers. This is an image of an audience as much as a portrait of the deceased. A hooded photographer bends to his tripod, and a painter waits in line. Perhaps a seminal moment between competing technologies of record, magnificently captured by colonial photographer, J. W. Lindt (1845–1926): this is as decisive a moment as current technology permitted. Source: CCP.

An Unorthodox Flow of Images
Centre of Contemporary Photography
An Unorthodox Flow of Images commences with what is known as the first press photograph in Australia and unfurls through historic, press, portraiture, popular and art photography, some in their intended material form and others as reproductions. An unbroken thread connects this line of still and moving images, each tied to those on either side through visual, conceptual, temporal, material or circumstantial links.
This is a proposition about photography now. Relationships between images are sometimes real, and sometimes promiscuous. The exhibition brings new context to existing artworks, whilst celebrating the materiality of real photographs, in real time and critically, honouring the shared democratic experience of the public gallery space.The exhibition features over 100 pictures. Entry is $10 for non-CCP members.
404 George Street, Fitzroy
Until 12 November

Travel Photography Unpacked – Anne Zahalka Masterclass
Centre of Contemporary Photography
Anne Zahalka is one of Australia’s most highly-regarded photo-media artists, having exhibited extensively in Australia and overseas for more than thirty years. Her work often explores cultural stereotyping and challenges these with a humorous and critical voice.

In recent years, Zahalka has made a number of trips to Morrocco, which resulted in the series Threshold 2015. In this class, Zahalka will draw on her experience to explore the challenges of photographing and representing other cultures, working sensitively with people from different cultural backgrounds, asking permission, engaging local populace, and considering cultural etiquette and laws, as well as the cultural theories behind travel photography.  In addition to this, the class will touch on the practical logistics of what equipment to travel with, how to plan your trip and what research to do, together with the processes of compiling of images and the developing of work on return, which involves selecting, editing, preparing proof sheets, making A4 work prints, and how to develop work for exhibition. Tickets are $410 for non-members, $340 for CCP members.
404 George Street
October 14, 10am – 4pm

Tablet/Security Camera,
100cm x 133.5cm, pigment ink on rag paper. Photo: Anne Zahalka.

William and Winfred Bowness Photography Prize exhibition
Monash Gallery of Art
The Bowness Photography Prize is open to any Australian photographer, whether amateur or professional, and all genres of photography are eligible, provided that the work has been produced in the last 12 months.

Each year a panel of three judges consider hundreds of entries and curates an exhibition of finalists before settling upon a single winner. This year’s panel consists of Australian architect, art patron and academic Corbett Lyon, artist and educator Dr Susan Fereday, and MGA Senior Curator Stephen Zagala.

While the $30 000 cash prize is highly coveted, the exhibition of finalists also highlights some of the most interesting work being created by photographers today.
October 14 – November 26 
860 Ferntree Gully Rd, Wheelers Hill 

Heath Ledger A Life in Pictures
Art Gallery WA
Film legend Heath Ledger was a charismatic movie star who pushed the boundaries of acting in his iconic roles. This unique exhibition has been curated by the WA Museum in partnership with AGWA. From his teenage years in Western Australia to his final role as Tony in The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, the exhibition follows a career driven by the actor’s passion for creativity.

Ledger worked with some of cinema’s great directors, actors and crews to achieve unforgettable performances in a range of genres. Heath Ledger: A Life in Pictures will celebrate his screen career with the display of costumes, including the Joker suit from The Dark Knight, and the iconic shirts of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist from Brokeback Mountain. A chronological narrative of his acting career will be intertwined with his creative investigations into image-making under the influences of visionary directors Ang Lee, Terry Gilliam and Todd Haynes. Photographic stills and moving images will offer a glimpse of Ledger behind-the-scenes and reveal his creative projects as a director.
October 14 – January 29, 2018
Perth Cultural Centre, Roe Street, Perth


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