Elinchrom ELB 1200 ready for action

Kayell has announced October launch events for the high-end Elinchrom ELB 1200 portable lighting system in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Perth.

Kayell is also offering a cashback promo for Ranger RX trade ins. Source: Kayell/Tristan Shu

The ELB 1200 comes with three new flash heads, which feature aluminium housings and tilt heads.

The Hi-Sync, which supports shutter speeds up to 1/8000s, is ideal for sports and action photography; the Pro is for  general use; and the Action is for ‘extremely fast flash durations at normal shutter speeds’.

There’s also two Li-Ion battery types – the Air and the HD. The 90Wh Air battery has been approved by the US Transportation Security Administration and is allowed as carry-on baggage on flights. It’s capable of 215 flashes at full power, or 80 minutes of continuous light at full LED power.

The 144Wh HD battery offers 400 flashes at full power, or 120 minutes of continuous light. This battery has to be purchased separately.

The unit weighs 4.3KG. It has A and B outlets; 1.7s recycling time in Fast mode; 3.0s recycling time in Default mode; a OLED control display; head recognition; and much more.

The Kayell events are free to attend. Two Elinchrom ambassadors will run demonstrations of the ELB 1200.

The Melbourne event is at capacity, however those interested in attending can register for the waitlist.

Each even kicks off at 6:30pm

Melbourne, October 4
Ambassadors Robert Coppa and Nick Ghionis
Location:5 Easy Street, Collinwood

Sydney, October 9
Ambassadors Ben Scott and Lori Cicchini
Location: 6c Hiles St, Alexandria

Brisbane, October 11
Ambassadors Daniel Linnet and Cam Attree
Location: Unit 2 / 98 Wecker Road, Mansfield.

Perth, October 18
Ambassadors: Steve Wise and Stef King
Location: 13 Old Aberdeen Place, West Perth.

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