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Rotolight Neo 2 an ‘industry first’…Sekonic, PocketWizard to Kayell…Pretty fly for a hard drive…

Rotolight Neo 2 an ‘industry first’
British LED lighting manufacturer Rotolight has announced the launch of Neo 2 (aka ‘NEO 2’) ‘an industry-first, all in one High Speed Sync (HSS) Flash and continuous on-camera LED lighting innovation’. Neo 2 has no recycle time and can be simultaneously a continuous ‘modelling light’ and HSS flash, allowing the photographer to easily acquire focus in dimly lit situations and optimise composition.

Neo 2 provides the ‘shoot what you see’ benefits of continuous light, and the flexibility of HSS flash (1/8000sec.) with 500 percent flash output whenever users need more power or to freeze action. HSS also enables users to shoot with wider apertures to create separation between subject and backgrounds.

Rotolight has collaborated with Elinchrom to integrate its ‘Skyport’ 2.4Ghz HSS wireless flash receiver into Neo 2. It enables users to wirelessly control up to 10 lights, in four groups at up to 200m(656ft) with the new Rotolight HSS transmitter, optimised for Rotolight by Elinchrom. It is available on launch for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, and, shortly, Fuji camera systems, and compatible with all other Elinchrom Skyport devices.
Neo 2 features electronically adjustable colour temperature in both flash and continuous modes, with a built in Kelvin display.It can be mounted both on or off camera.
Battery life is ‘the longest of any speedlight or flash, ever made’ – 85,000 full power flashes on a single set of rechargeable AA batteries, compared to the 200 flashes of a typical speedlight. It’s 85 percent brighter in continuous mode than its predecessor.

Rotolight Neo 2 will be available as a single light, including a belt pouch, accessory shoe, power supply and four-piece filter pack including diffusion, skin tone and magenta, or as a three-light kit with hard flight case, stands and ball heads. Optional accessories include softboxes, raincovers, and 10-piece colour filter pack.

Local distributor CR Kennedy told ProCounter the Neo 2 should arrive mid-October. RRP is $599 and $2499 for the three-head kit. The Skyport compatible HSS transmitters for it (different models for Nikon, Sony and Canon) will be $399.

Sekonic, PocketWizard to Kayell
Kayell Australia
has taken over Australian distribution for Sekonic light meters and PocketWizard remote triggers following the closure of former distributor, L&P..

Kayell Australia managing director, Robert Gatto, said the new distribution deal aligns well with Kayell Australia’s wholesale and retail business model.

‘With Kayell’s commitment to all things lighting related, the new agreement with Sekonic
and PocketWizard is an ideal synergy. ‘Kayell supports many large brands and is looking forward to providing the same high standard of support and service to customers who purchase Sekonic and PocketWizard products.’

Kayell will be offering service and warranty support to current owners of Sekonic and PocketWizard products.

Pretty fly for a hard drive
Seagate has partnered with DJI for the Fly Drive, which while it doesn’t actually fly, has been designed with drone pilots in mind.

With capacities up to 2TB, integrated MicroSD card slot, quick transfer speeds and durable build, it’s probably a better solution than carrying a bunch of tiny cards in your pocket. We guess.

Oh yes, it also comes with a complimentary two-month subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro CC – after which you get to pay $28.59 for the rest of your working life.

– A 2TB Fly Drive can store over 60 hours of 4K video;
– Integrated UHS-II-rated slot. Drag and drop files from your MicroSD card to Fly Drive or your computer;
– Integrated, protective ‘bumper’ helps provide shock resistance. Inside of the bumper is a USB-C cable;
– Compatible with both Mac and Windows – allows for fast file transfers with the latest generation Thunderbolt 3 and USB 3.1 computers.
– Priced around $180.







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