Clarified: Fujifilm offers GFX cashback promo

Updated August 16: Fujifilm Australia is offering a $900 cashback for its GFX-50S medium format camera to photographers trading in selected camera models from Canon, Sony, Nikon, Hasselblad, Leica, Phase One, Pentax and Mamiya. No Fujifilm X-series cameras qualify for the promotion.

The promotion will run until September 30.

Photographers interested in switching to the 51-megapixel medium format mirrorless camera can trade in selected models in working order at a participating retailer, including Michaels, Ted’s, Camera Electronic, Camera House, DigiDirect, and Camera Warehouse.

The retailer will negotiate a deal for the trade-in camera, and are offered the $900 cashback if they also buy the GFX 50S.

Some selected cameras include the Canon 1Dx, 5D IV, 5DS R, and earlier models; Nikon D810, D4S and earlier models; Sony a7r II, a99, and earlier models; Leica M and S; Pentax 645z and K1; a few Hasselblads and others.

The offer is open to Australian residents only. The photographer must take the camera in when purchasing the GFX-50S, and will be issued a unique serial number. Enter that into an online registration form, and Fujifilm will transfer the $900.

Comment: Fujifilm’s press release and promotion Terms fail to mention participating retailers would negotiate to either buy the trade-in cameras, or sell them as second-hand with a consignment fee. 

ProCounter contacted Fujifilm to clarify what happens to the trade-in cameras, but didn’t receive a response.  The poor wording left us at ProCounter HQ scratching out heads, trying to work out how this deal worked. We thought the dealer may have arranged to sell the trade-in as secondhand, but without this appearing anywhere it would be a guess. So going with what info was available, we wrote it was ‘wishful thinking’ from Fujifilm that a photographer would trade in a high-end competing camera for a $900 discount. After publishing, Fujifilm’s PR representative told us ‘the promotion incorporates a bonus $900 from Fujifilm on top of whatever consumers receive from dealers for their trade-in camera’. 

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