News Corp axes 70 photographers

News Corp mastheads are outsourcing photography, leaving almost 70 staff photographers without a job.

MEAA: News Corp photographers make a stand to save their jobs. Source: MEAA/Twitter.

The cut was announced last month but details were scarce. The Guardian reports that managers have begun meeting photographers for a ‘skills assessment’ for forced redundancies.

Only five of 20 staff photographers will remain at Queensland papers, with 13 forced to take redundancy and two taking voluntary redundancy.

Numbers of staff photographers will be more than halved, with just 20 photographers left at all local papers including Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. Around 25 have been made redundant.

Two photographers from The Australian‘s parliamentary bureau in Canberra are gone.

And up to 10 staff photographers in South Australia have lost their job.

The papers will source more images from agencies and freelancers.

While the worst of it is over the photographers, the cuts aren’t over. Next on the chopping block are production staff.

Over at Fairfax, jobs for 125 journalists from SMH and The Age were cut.

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