Phase One announces mono monster IQ3

Phase One has unveiled the highest-megapixel, most expensive monochrome digital back – the IQ3 100MP Achromatic –¬†which costs US$50,000 and will appeal to a niche of photographers.

The camera has a 101-megapixel CMOS sensor, and a top ISO of 51,200. Phase One says it is the most light sensitive medium format digital back available, with an ability to capture light outside the visible spectrum due to it not having an Infared cut-off filter.

The camera is produced without a Bayer colour filter, allowing the light to be captured entirely unaltered and unobstructed. With no colour information to be interpreted, the sensor is free to focus solely on a ridiculous level of detail, nuance, and luminance, Phase One says.

The camera is designed for a range of photographic disciplines, including fine art, landscape, portrait, architecture through to scientific applications. It seems more likely to appeal to high-end commercial photographers and museums reproducing art.

The sensor provides instant Live View feedback, and can show infared light which is invisible to the naked eye.

By capturing photos in black and white, even with a high ISO, the details have an analog-like smoothness similar to film grains, Phase One says.

The IQ3 Achromatic also comes with an electronic shutter, long exposure of up to 60 minutes, HDMI output, Wi-Fi capabilities, full IQ3 XF Camera System integration, and compatibility with other camera bodies, as is standard with all IQ3 Digital Backs.

For an extra US$5000, it comes with a XF camera body and a free lens of choice.

The camera will be available in a limited number. L&P are the local distributor of Phase One.

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