Fujifilm US offers GFX pro support

From May Fujifilm will offer American professional photographers who own a GFX-50S medium format system a dedicated professional support program.
GFX Fujifilm Professional Services (GFX FPS) is exclusive to owners of the new medium format system, and will cost US$499 annually, a similar price to Fujifilm Europe support, which costs €300. This is over twice what Canon, Nikon and Sony ask for membership of their pro support groups.

The photographer must own the camera system and one GF lens to be eligible, and sign up within 30 days of buying the camera. The GFX-50S is $9999 body only, and add another $2399 for the standard 63mm f2.8 lens.

While Fujifilm X-series cameras show the brand’s interest in the pro market, they remain geared towards the prosumer. But the GFX system made Fujifilm’s commitment to high-end professional photographers concrete.

Fujifilm has begun to roll out the professional support program first in Europe and now in the US.

GFX FPS customers receive:
– Access to a dedicated phone line technician and e-mail support; 
– Four check and clean service vouchers; 
– 50 percent discount on additional check and clean services;
– 30 percent discount on non-warranty repairs; two business day turnaround for non-warranty repairs; 
– A loan system during repairs exceeding two business days; 
and a ‘welcome kit and Fujifilm swag bag’ (it didn’t specify what this is).

It’s unclear when Fujifilm Australia will announce a local pro support program, and what this program will look like. ProCounter asked but didn’t receive a response in time – even though we asked two weeks ago! However it previously indicated that support was part of the local release plan for the GFX camera.

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