Zeiss announces compact 135mm Batis

Zeiss has announced the latest addition to the Batis family, a 135mm F2.8 high performance medium telephoto lens for Sony FE mirrorless cameras which weighs only 614 grams.

The lens is designed for wedding, event, and portrait photographers. It has an optical image stabiliser to minimise shake in challenging light conditions.

At f2.8 the lens can deliver attractive bokeh, while allowing the design to be compact and light – suiting Sony’s lightweight bodies.

‘The advantage of Sony’s mirrorless full-frame system is that despite its compact size, it delivers exceptional image quality,’ said Michael Pollmann, Zeiss product manager. ‘It was important to build a comparably handy lens – in spite of the rather long focal length. We made a conscious decision to strike a balance between compactness, weight and speed. With an iris of f2.8, the weight could be kept light and the measurements compact, without compromising on image quality. All this creates good balance on the camera and allows for pleasant and concentrated working.’

Zeiss says the lens has an apo-chromatic corrected design (which it calls Apo Sonnar), meaning it packs 14 glass elements in 11 groups into the lens body.

The lens has fast autofocus, using linear motors to quietly and accurately pinpoint a position. It’s currently the only native 135mm autofocus lens for Sony FE cameras on the market.

The Zeiss Batis 135mm f2.8 lens has a dealer price of US$1999, and will be available from May.

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