The AIPP has eliminated the ACMP logo to ‘unite all (AIPP) photographers under the one brand’, renaming the ACMP council the Commercial Council.

After the merger the AIPP presented the ACMP logo next to its own.

After years of low membership the ACMP (Australian Commercial and Media Photographers), an association specifically for commercial photographers, was acquired by the AIPP in May 2015 and existing members were invited to join the institute as Accredited Professional Photographers (APP). (Dontcha love a story with oodles of Somewhat Similar Acronyms – ‘SSAs’.)

The AIPP remained committed to using the ACMP brand and logo next to its own (‘AIPP+ACMP’), creating a new logo for its new ‘Accredited Commercial and Media Photographers’ members to use. The ACMP board functioned as a group within the AIPP. For a while.

Following a review, the AIPP will no longer use any ACMP-branded material, and the Commercial Council (of the AIPP) will be the new entity. Initially described as a ‘merger’, the demise of the ACMP has been a long time coming.

The AIPP’s ‘continued success with building awareness and media coverage’, along with the APP now being a registered trademark, makes it important to establish that there’s only one peak body representing Australian professional photographers.

‘It is very important that nothing dilutes the message or the value being built in the AIPP and Accredited Professional Photographer brand,’ the Commercial Council of the AIPP, (formerly the AIPP+ACMP), said in an announcement.

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