Anonymous man crowdfunds an identity

Lisa Saad, commercial photographer and 2016 APPA overall winner, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to assist with completing her award-winning project The Anonymous Man, with an exhibition and book marking the final product.

Saad is seeking an ambitious $100,000 to fund the project, which won her multiple AIPP awards. Saad was crowned the AIPP 2016 Australian Professional Photographer of the Year award, the 2016 Professional Advertising Photographer of the Year, and the 2016 Victorian Professional Photographer of the Year.

‘There’s just one problem, the work is not finished, i’m not finished. Imagine being totally consumed by an original thought but you are bound in reality, and that reaching for that original thought becomes harder and harder to grasp,’ she writes in the GoFundMe pitch. ‘I see them everyday; when I close my eyes, when I day dream, the moment I fall asleep. They are waiting to be created and I am waiting to see them. As you can see I am not finished.’

The funding will go toward the time it takes Saad to make the images – outside regular business hours – as well as local and international travel, printing and framing the images, organising the exhibitions, and designing and distributing the collection as a book.

The exhibition will tour nationally – the first will open at Lorimer Street Gallery in Melbourne on February 16. It will showcase either ‘the entire or part of the collection’.

Prints will be on Ilford Smooth Cotton Rag in four sizes.

One of the images in the collection. Photo: Lisa Saad.

The production for the photo book is yet to be determined but the first edition copy will only be available to crowdfunding supporters, and will depend on funding levels. It will come as a Standard First Edition Book, signed by Saad with supporters acknowledged within its pages.

Then there will be a Collectors Edition Book, signed and numbered.

As is the case with crowdfunding campaigns, supporters receive ‘rewards’ for their donations – starting with an A3 Mystery Print for $75 and finishing with a 1000mm x 700mm Large Edition Print for $1500. However any donation is welcome.

Six days in Saad has almost raised $1500, at the time of writing.

The Anonymous Man project explores the pressures, freedoms and unexpectedness of urbanised worlds.

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page.

The ‘heart’ image, which was included in Saad’s winning portfolio. Photo: Lisa Saad.

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