AIPP sponsor calls for free photo spreads

Specialist magazine publisher Universal Publishing is seeking free photographic spreads from AIPP members for its bumper wedding annual, White Collection, as part of its sponsorship of the Institute.

The AIPP described the opportunity as 'wedding photographers only Editorial Opportunity with Complete Weddings'. Source: Supplied.

The AIPP described the opportunity as ‘wedding photographers only editorial opportunity with Complete Weddings’. Source: Supplied.

An email was sent out via the AIPP to members listed as wedding photographers, inviting them to contribute editorial fashion shoots for consideration for the White Collection ‘a special annual bridal fashion magazine, distributed nationally featuring the most luxe and steal-worthy bridal looks’. They will receive no payment for their contributions: ‘This is a purely editorial – and PR-orientated opportunity,’ wrote White Collection editor, Alexandra Longstaff. ‘There is no financial remuneration awarded for submissions that are chosen to print.’
Photographers are asked to ‘create a styled shoot’ and submit at least 10 images with captions – featuring ‘fashion, beauty, cakes, flowers, stationery and props’. Images must never have been published before in any other magazines or websites.

‘This is an opportunity like no other and space is very limited. Published shoots will reach more than 40,000 readers, giving your creative team, brand and business instant PR through being credited and visual promotion.’

A concerned AIPP member shared the email with Pro Counter, with a note that the offer is essentially a ‘time for print’ arrangement, ‘which is the complete antithesis of everything we’re taught at seminars’.

AIPP executive officer, Peter Myers, informed Pro Counter that the Institute believed members who already advertise in Complete Wedding could gain additional exposure and raise their profile at no additional cost.

‘We believe the work of professional photographers should always be recognised for its commercial value,’ he said. ‘As you will know the recognition of a commercial value can manifest itself in many different ways. In this instance if an AIPP member believes he/she is getting a commercial value from supplying images for promotion of themselves and their business in this publication, then that is a business decision to be taken by the individual member.’

But some photographers might be perplexed that their professional association is partnering in a promotion seeking free commercial content from members. The AIPP has a ‘Code of Ethics regarding Photographic Competitions’ that its members agree to when signing up. The second clause states that a ‘fair competition is one which… requires only the supply of a non-exclusive licence, which will be limited to that use for the promotion and use of that specific competition.’

While the White Collection’s call for submissions isn’t a photographic competition as such, it does have some of the characteristics of one. The staff at Complete Wedding will pick the winning submissions, and those photographers are awarded with magazine space.

Longstaff says this is the first time the publication has accepted submissions, and that the staff have ‘selected a few excellent shoots already’ from photographers. She added that in the past ‘all photographers have been commissioned’.

The 2014 edition of White Collection was sold on news stands for $12.95, and advertising space starts at $2000 through to $8000 for a double page spread.  Universal Magazines publishes the annual White Collection and Complete Wedding magazine, along with around 60 other specialist magazines.

Submissions closed on Friday May 28.

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