Panasonic pitches video stills as the future

While Nikon predicts that photography will become a multi-sensory experience in the future, Panasonic has forecast a slightly more likely scenario.

The Lumix G7

The Lumix G7

During the official announcement of the Lumix G7, ePhotozine said Panasonic conducted a presentation regarding its future plans to build a camera that shoots 8k video.

But Panasonic’s selling point is that photographers and videographers would be able to extract 33-megapixel stills from video footage captured by the camera.

ePhotozine says the company has scheduled the release for this camera to tie in with the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020. No further information was given, but it’s an indicator of what sort of future technology Panasonic will be pumping money and research into.

Panasonic unveiled this graphic at the presentation. Source: ePhotozine

Panasonic unveiled this graphic at the presentation. Source: ePhotozine

The Panasonic Lumix G7 Micro Four Thirds was announced last week and is geared more towards enthusiast photographers and videographers than professional photographers. The camera has a 16-megapixel sensor and can shoot 4k video. Additionally, Panasonic highlighted the 4K Photo feature, which allows photographers to extract stills from video footage.

Panasonic isn’t the only company trying to shift stills photographers onto video recorders. High-end video camera manufacturers like RED have been trying make a dent in the stills photograph market for some time. And UK magazine, Amateur Photographer, made a bit of a statement last year by printing a still from a 4k video on its front cover.

The still was taken on a Lumix GH4 though, so it’s unclear whether Panasonic put the idea to Amateur Photographer.

Convincing photographers to totally ditch the old technology and embrace the new isn’t an easy task – just ask Sony and Olympus. But then again, history suggests it’s not as hard as one may think.

For now it’s quite clear what direction Panasonic is taking – for the next five years, at least.

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  1. Good news for pros. They’ll be the ones still doing it the hard way for excellent results and being paid for it, while all the casual shooters will be making stills grabs that are horribly soft and water-coloured in low light and probably made at the wrong shutter speed anyway. I still haven’t figured out how to use flash with 4k video.

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