Canon makes mug out of Nikon

The great megapixel race between Canon and Nikon has taken a slight ‘Mac vs PC’ turn, after Canon launched two coffee mugs as part of their 5DS marketing campaign.

Source: Canon Watch

Source: Canon Watch

As many may well be aware the EOS 5DS, which is yet to be released, has a 50.6 (effective) megapixel sensor – whereas Nikon’s largest sensor is slightly smaller at 36 megapixels.

Canon decided to highlight this fact by releasing a large ‘EOS 50.6 5DS’ mug, and a smaller ‘36.0 megapixels’ mug, which carried the statement, ‘I AM SMALLl’. This was a clear reference to the Nikon D800 series and Nikon’s ‘I AM…’ campaigns. That’s right – a straight-up ‘mine is bigger than yours’ jibe.

Although the mugs are probably just a bit of friendly competition (and who would have thought Canon had a corporate sense of humour?) rumour website Canon Watch, which originally posted the picture, is now awash with Nikon and Canon fanboys and girls exchanging merciless blows in a Comments section. Stuff like Nikon shooters pointing out their superior dynamic range, with Canon shooters telling them to lighten up a bit.

Looks like the ball’s now in Nikon’s court: release a camera with an even larger sensor (which will depend somewhat on the disposition of their sensor supplier, Sony), find something about Canon worth mocking, or simply take the high moral ground: (‘ I AM offended, but I AM not going to show it’.)

The 5DS and the 5DS R will be available sometime in June.

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