It’s coming…(so is Christmas)

Darrell Nash, Nashyspix, Pt Macquarie, shares some recent, fairly one-way correspondence with his favourite camera brand:

G’Day [Canon],

EF-100-400mm-f45-56-IS-II-USM-front-angledSorry to write to you personally but I have repeatedly been told by your lovely staff from Canon Australia’s ONLY call centre in Manila Philippines that Australian customers can’t contact someone actually IN Australia.

I have a very simple question which is proving extremely hard to get an answer to.

I have purchased online and am waiting on delivery of a Canon 100-400mm Series II Lens from Georges Cameras here in Australia – NOT a grey import. I have been told by Georges staff that they were expecting stock to arrive last week but as yet this has not happened. They said they had no idea when Canon Australia would be providing their stock.

I tried to phone Canon Australia myself to see if they could provide an ETA however all calls go to Manila as I am sure you already know. The 1st time I called the Australian / Manila call centre operator could barely speak English and I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. During the 2nd call the call centre operator had no idea that the 100-400mm was a Lens and kept telling me that he couldn’t find that ‘camera’ model and then asked if it was a printer. During the last call the female operator informed me that there was NO series II 100-400mm just the Series I. Seriously???

I was informed that I couldn’t be transferred to someone in Australia as there wasn’t anyone here in Australia to talk to. Well I can tell you there doesn’t seem to be any one in your overseas call centres that has ANY idea regarding your products and this will only direct more and more customers away from Canon.

If you do know when more stock of the 100mm-400mm Series II lens will be in could you please inform me ASAP of same.
Darrell Nash,

ProCounter hunted around for a 100-400mm Series II and was surprised to discover it was on back-order from Authorised Dealers both here and overseas. Not even B&H had it in stock – nor the Canon Australia store. It could, however, be purchased immediately from a local online retailer who imports Canon product from a supplier other than Canon Australia. This could test the goodwill of both local resellers and professional photographers wanting to support the local industry if it became a pattern. That’s a $3000+ sale! We also called the friendly folk in Manila re the allusive Canon cannon. They said are going to get back to us…   

One thought on “It’s coming…(so is Christmas)

  1. This reinforces the adage of buy only what you can feel and handle even if you must layby the item over several moths.
    The sale of goods act applies to Australian purchases so this is a huge reason to not buy on line
    Buy from stockists
    Ron frank

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