Adobe won’t hold any files ‘hostage’

After Adobe recently announced a permanent month-by-month subscription plan for photographers on Creative Cloud, many photographers became concerned that their work would become inaccessible after their membership ran out. Adobe has now addressed this ‘lingering concern in the community’, and the news is good.

adobelrIn a blog post, Adobe has announced that the latest update for Lightroom (5.5) will allow those with expired Creative Cloud subscriptions to continue using the program and access their files.

Well, that’s not entirely true. Once the subscription ends the Develop and Map modules won’t function, which Adobe says will ‘signal the end of the membership and the need to renew in order to receive Adobe‚Äôs continuous innovation in those areas’. Lightroom mobile workflow will also stop working.

But the Quick Develop module is still available, and of course images can still be viewed, organised and exported.

It is unclear from the brief blog post whether Adobe is legitimately amending their services to satisfy customers or gearing towards an entirely Cloud-based model.

Those that have purchased Lightroom 5 outside the Creative Cloud will continue to receive updates and are not affected by this announcement, according to Adobe.

Lightroom 5 is the last ‘boxed’ photographic program that Adobe sells, and the move to the subscription-based Creative Cloud has been a difficult, yet mostly successful journey for Adobe.

There has been continual criticism toward the move as the company begins to offer ‘services’ through continuous subscription-based licensing, rather than purchasing a once off, standalone ‘product’. That being said, the ‘new’ photography subscription plan costs $10 per month for access to both Lightroom and Photoshop.

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