Guy Gowan announces ‘Down Under Tour’

Guy Gowan is a man of many talents, who many photographers may be familiar with. But he is not famous for his photography – Guy describes himself as a ‘presenter, a lecturer, a teacher, and a developer’, providing solutions ‘used by thousands of photographers’ in processing, retouching and publishing images.

Guy has just announced a tour of Australia, where he will visit Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart and Perth between mid July and August. (Beginning over in Wellington, New Zealand)

Each city will feature three events, where he will cover a different subject each day – Processing, RAW Workflow and Retouching. (Melbourne deserved a fourth ‘Publishing’ event for some reason)

For Processing, Guy will cover Levels & Dynamic Range, Perfect Contrast, Colour Enhancement and Ultimate Sharpening.

For RAW Workflow, he will discuss RAW Converters, Processing Actions and Automated Workflow.

In Retouching, Guy will discuss Colour, Retouching tools, Beauty Techniques and share his thoughts about black and white imagery.

He was last in Australia in 2011 for a series of Photoshop seminars.

Each event will run for a full day and costs roughly $170 (EUR€120), with an opportunity for questions at the end of the day. Click here for more info and to buy tickets.

Brisbane: Studio 34, 34 Wyandra St, Newstead
Processing – Sunday, July 13
Raw Workflow – Monday, July 14
Retouching – Tuesday, July 15

Sydney: L&P Digital Photographic, 96 Reserve Rd, Artarmon
Processing – Sunday, July 20
Raw Workflow – Monday, July 21
Retouching – Thursday, July 24

Melbourne: Glow Studios, 269-275 Abbotsford St, North Melbourne
Processing – Sunday, July 27
Raw Workflow – Monday, July 28
Retouching – Tuesday, July 29
Publishing – Wednesday, July 30

Hobart: Hobart Imaging, 197 Harrington St, Hobart
Processing – Sunday, August 3
Raw Workflow – Monday, August 4
Retouching – Tuesday, August 5

Perth: Shoot Photography Workshops, 232 Stirling St, Perth
Processing – Sunday, August 10
Raw Workflow – Monday, August 11
Retouching – Tuesday, August 12

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