Profoto’s first B1 Off-Camera Flash Kit

Profoto have released a Location Kit to improve the portability of the B1 Off-Camera Flash.

pro-kitThe B1 Off-Camera Flash was last year, and gained popularity due to its TTL metering and cordless operation.

Profoto maintains that the B1 flash is designed for on-location photography and is not strictly a studio flash, and the Location Kit will further solidify this.

The kit contains two B1 Off-Camera flashes, two batteries, a fast charger that Profoto says can recharge the battery in an hour, and a car charger that plugs into a car cigarette lighter socket and takes two hours. The gear comes in a backpack with space for additional gear such as stands and lens (not included).

Buying the kit will save a few hundred dollars when compared to buying the items separately.

As early as next week L&P will have the Location Kit and Head in stock, but the whole consignment is already sold out. The next batch is expected in approximately four weeks.

The Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Location Kit is $4895 inc. GST and the Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Head is $2495 inc. GST

Click here to read the press release, which includes the B1 specs along with its many accessories.

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