EXCLUSIVE: CR Kennedy in bold bid for Ilford Galerie

The Ilford Galerie brand and its popular lines of inkjet and fine art paper are set to remain a part of the global photographic scene, with Australia’s CR Kennedy & Company – in partnership with Japanese company Chugai Ltd – negotiating to purchase the brand from the administrator of Ilford Imaging Switzerland.


Ilford Imaging’s now-mothballed factory in the town of Marley, Switzerland. Source: Wikimedia Commons

As has been reported in sister publication Photo Counter and elsewhere, Ilford Imaging Switzerland was placed in administration late last year.

The acquisition will effectively see the Ilford Galerie brand 50 percent Australian-owned. Chugai is the Japanese distributor of Ilford Galerie products.

Ilford Imaging Switzerland is totally separate from Ilford Photo which is based in the UK and is unaffected. Ilford Photo is the trading name of Cheshire-based Harman Technology, which makes traditional black & white photographic papers and film. CR Kennedy is also Australian distributor for Harman Technology..

‘CRK together with our Japanese partner Chugai Ltd are now negotiating for the purchase of the Ilford and Galerie brands on a world-wide basis, from the administrator of Ilford Switzerland. This will be resolved at the end of April,’ CR Kennedy managing director, Malcolm Kennedy told Pro Counter.

‘It’s a great brand and we hope that soon this great brand will be in the hands of those who respect and love photography,’ Mr Kennedy added.

He said that CR Kennedy has ample supplies of Ilford inkjet paper ‘which will continue under the Ilford and Galerie brand with no change to profiles.’

‘In an article in Pro Counter published on April 3, it was originally stated: “Manufacturing will recommence at Ilford Imaging Switzerland in the town of Marly.” This is in fact, not correct. It was one of many options under consideration and is by no means a certainty.

CR Kennedy & Company Pty Ltd apologises for any distress or inconvenience this incorrect report may have caused’  

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  1. It is great to see Ilford in safe hands Clem would be proud of his children and grandchildren. His company is easy to deal with but hard to understand.

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