Dump Getty, urges local stock house

Following Getty’s new strategy to give images away for free on a massive scale with no benefit to photographers, Pro Counter approached Australian photographic agency, Photobeast for comment. Managing Director of Photobeast, Shane Bodger, got back to us and this is what he said:

gettyshThis is incredibly cynical of Getty to think that this might stop image theft. I couldn’t see how if a baker put his name on a cake, that it would not be stolen because of that.

You can program into a web site that you can’t right click on a page. This would probably be more appropriate and would work better.

Getty Images will continue to devalue the photographer’s work whenever and wherever possible, so ultimately, they will have submissions that are from people who can do photography for the love of seeing their images in print, and who Getty can pay next to nothing for their images.

The only way professional photographers can do anything about these continued Getty situations is to use their feet. Take their images out of Getty and begin submitting to agencies that give a toss about the stock photography industry.

The large agencies continue to pay less to the Photographer – less through either lowering the sales commissions or lowering image prices or even giving images away.

The small agencies may not get the continual traffic, or the massive sales but our agency will always look after our contributors and our customers.

Shane Bodger is the founder of Photobeast. Shane has been a photographer for nearly 30 years. After bad experiences in stock photography through the 80’s and early 90’s, he decided to start his own fully accountable agency.

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  1. The bigger the firm the greedier their need for revenue to support their staff. Catch 22 the size governs their buying power but increases their overheads so this demands the owners constant vigilance to retain their market position. look at any business it is the same whether its cars or cameras. Support your local in state dealer and receive good service you may pay a tad more but overall your own business will be easier.

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